The Best Oklahoma SEO Services You Can Hire!

When you’re searching for the best Oklahoma SEO services company, the best way to identify the most reliable providers is by making sure they are physically located in Oklahoma, that they will take the time to meet with you in person, and offer a guarantee they will not outsource the work to another company.

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Finding an Oklahoma-based SEO company is not easy to do.

How to Identify the Best SEO Companies in Oklahoma

For starters, this very website is an Oklahoma company that offers SEO services. We are based in Oklahoma, we will take the time to meet with you in person, and we guarantee not to outsource the work to another company. Our company, Choctaw Websites, is among a handful of website design and SEO companies that performs Oklahoma SEO services in-house, by real human beings, and doing it using “evergreen methods” that withstand every Google search algorithm update.

Too Many SEO Companies Outsource Their Work

These days, most SEO companies and website design companies have stopped doing the work themselves. Rather, they outsource their projects to shops overseas, primarily in China, India, and Russia that will perform the services for “dirt cheap”.

Many website design companies are also using AI technology to build websites automatically, using robots that use cookie-cutter designs. These companies can charge extremely low prices, ranging from $200 to $800 for a full build out. The downside to this is that your website is not designed specifically for your customer-base, and nor is the content written to specifically to convert your visitors into sales.

Look For an SEO Company Based in Oklahoma

If you run a Google search for, “Oklahoma SEO services”, chances are pretty good that you’ll get a list of results for companies that are located in other parts of the United States, or even located in other countries, but have “gamed” the Google algorithm to appear for Oklahoma. These companies are looking to get as many customers as possible, and then outsourcing those projects to shops overseas

  • Make sure to visit the Home Page or the Contact Page of those companies to find out the physical address of their location. If they don’t provide a physical address, then don’t hire them.
  • Make sure they provide a phone number to call, and make sure you get to talk to a real human being. Don’t tell them you are looking for an Oklahoma-based SEO company. Instead, just ask them where they are physically located.
  • If they are located in Oklahoma, and you can talk to a real human being, ask them to arrange for an in-person meeting where they come to visit you, or you visit them. If they refuse such a meeting, DO NOT hire them. Any company who has nothing to hide, will happily discuss business in person.
  • Ask them specifically if they outsource SEO work to another company, or if that work is performed by an actual employee in-house. It’s important to make sure the work is handled in-house by one of their employees, because when it comes time to discuss the results of their work, you’ll want to talk to someone who actually knows what is going on.

SEO Services Requires a Few Months to Work

If an SEO company says they can perform all the SEO work within 7-days to 14-days, DO NOT hire that company! Getting your website to rank higher on Google search is something that takes months to achieve. It also requires a lot of testing and examination of results. As a result, you want to work with an SEO company that you trust, that you can talk to on the phone, and have a intelligent conversation about…

  • You should expect an SEO company to perform the initial work within 30-days. After that, they will need to analyze the performance, make adjustments, and then analyze the performance again over a series of months.
  • DO NOT hire a company that wants to charge you a monthly fee for SEO services, stretched out over a year or more. This is because much of SEO work is handled once, with instructions given to a content writer on how to incorporate SEO into new posts, and then monitored over the next few months. It should be a single fee, usually paid 50% up front, with the additional 50% paid some time after.

Only Oklahoma SEO Companies Know Oklahoma

If your business is focused on serving Oklahoma customers, then make sure to hire an SEO company based in Oklahoma. Only Oklahoma SEO companies know the geography, lifestyle, and customs unique to the Sooner State…

  • Only Oklahoma-based SEO companies know that Norman, Yukon, Edmond have the same market as OKC.
  • Only Oklahoma-based SEO companies know the names of the five-major tribal nations located in Oklahoma.
  • Only Oklahoma-based SEO companies know what “Bricktown” means.
  • Only Oklahoma-based SEO companies know the significance of bison in Oklahoma’s culture.

A top quality Oklahoma SEO services company will incorporate these points, and others, when identifying keywords and writing content.


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