What is SEO?

“White hat” – “Black hat”

SEO is search engine optimization, which refers to refining a website so that it earns a better chance at moving up in Google search results. What is the difference between “White hat” and “Black hat”? “White hat” refers to doing this in an ethical way, as opposed to “Black hat” which refers to using tactics that Google tells you not to do.

SEO is always a “best guess” school of thought because Google never discloses its algorithm and formulas for ranking websites. Every SEO professional has his or her opinion on what works best. The other thing is that Google keeps modifying its algorithm so that what used to make your website rank high before, may not work later on. And of course, every business is trying to rank their website higher, which means over time, your business will fall behind.

Every website we build is done with a base level of SEO involved, which includes researching the primary keywords and phrases best suited for your business’ target audience. We use keyword tools that license search history data from Google to see what words people use the most when trying to find something. We then select the words and phrases and begin building your website around them.

We actually do offer an in-depth SEO service that goes above and beyond what we already build into each website. It involves the three most tried and true tactics that SEO professionals use.

1. Adding your business profile to every other website directory.

2. Writing much more content, which may involve blogging.

3. Improving your Google Business Profile, formally known as Google My Business.

Ranking high on Google Search is a combination of SEO work on the website itself along with the Google Business Profile. As for writing more content, Google Search prefers to display websites and businesses that are active, and the best way they determine activity is through new content on your website. All of this is considered “white hat”.

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