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Vote Brian Walker

Farragut, TN

Running for public office, Brian wanted a political campaign website that emphasized his core principles, traditional family values, entrepreneurship, and childrens’ advocacy.

  • We developed a base logo incorporating the Tennessee 3-star emblem.
  • We incorporated an event calendar that Brian can maintain from his cellphone.
  • We set up a donation form linked to his campaign bank account, and other forms for volunteers, newsletter, and contact.
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house cleaning service website
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Carrie’s Clever Solutions

McAlester, OK

This house cleaning service also offers a variety of services helping shut-ins, sick, and injured fetch groceries, mail packages, and home organization. They needed a small, simple website to advertise their services to the local area.

  • The owner wanted to emphasize her favorite color, purple. We added a softened tone for a feminine look.
  • We optimized text, headings, and images for search engines..
  • We kept our costs to a minimal, which brought the price down to the client.

Durant Rentals

Durant, OK

This property development company is actively building communities of rental properties in the Durant, OK area and needed a website to market its properties, along with on-going website maintenance.

  • We utilized a modern, elegant design to create an aesthetic of luxury, urban living in a country setting.
  • We chose navy blue and gold colors to create a “regal” feel, that gives a sense of elegance and contemporary looks.
  • We made use of keywords designed to help this client compete on Google searches.
property management website design
property rental website design
rental property website design
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business news website design
oklahoma business magazine design
women business magazine design

Oklahoma WIT

Madill, OK

Oklahoma WIT is a print magazine focused on the spirit of women entrepreneurs with a flair for the country life. The founders of the magazine wanted a website that would serve as both a hub for reading their articles online and to facilitate subscriptions.

  • We create a website with a download page for reading their latest editions online.
  • We included an article archive that allows the publishers to promote individual articles on social media.
  • We employed a design and style that incorporates artwork of positivity using pink, teal, and other pastels to reflect a feminine character.

Now We Mow

McAlester, OK

This lawn care service had been operating on word-of-mouth marketing, without a business name, logo, or website. We put on our branding hats and came up with a name, designed a logo, and built them a simple, one-page website…

  • We created a name and logo that was memorable and “eye-catchy”.
  • We built a website using green, blue and yellow colors, reflecting grass, sky, and sunshine.
  • We incorporated basic SEO features, including headings, keyworded text, and optimized images.
lawn care website design
lawn mowing service website design
lawn care website design service
lawn care service website design
insurance agency website design
insurance agent website designer
insurance agent website design
insurance adjuster website design

BC Claims Adjusters

Dickson, TN

BC Claims Adjusters recently launched and needed a professional looking website that could gain trust in a state already crowded with independent claims adjusters. The company had heard about our focus on building strong brands, and chose to hire us.

  • We created a design that evoked trust, professionalism, and experience, and wrote content to match.
  • We added the ability for customers to submit a claim online.
  • We researched keywords and carefully crafted copy that would differentiate this client from other independent claims adjusters.

Arrowhead Environmental Engineering, LLC

McAlester, OK

Arrowhead had hired two previous website developers who each had only built a few pages, but never finished the project. The client then called on our company to finish and make several key SEO enhancements.

  • We wrote 300-500 word articles for each page on their website, heavily keyworded, using subheadings.
  • We optimized images to smaller file sizes, with ALT text and keyworded file names.
  • We optimized TITLE and META tags, incorporated Schema tags, and placed inbound links from several other websites.
environmental engineering website design
environmental engineering company website
environmental engineering firm website
environmental engineering website designer

Jaz’s Cajun Eatery

McAlester, OK

McAlester’s newest Cajun seafood restaurant wanted to increase its engagement on Facebook and maximize its business listing on Google Maps.

  • We created several pieces of graphics, flyers, and banners to use on Facebook.
  • Jaz’s moved locations, so we launched an engagement campaign on Facebook and made sure everyone in town knew.
  • We optimized their Google Business Profile listing and began responding to reviews.
jaz's cajun eatery, mcalester, ok
jaz's cajun eatery, mcalester, ok
jaz's cajun eatery, mcalester, ok
jaz's cajun eatery, mcalester, ok
isg engineering oklahoma
isg engineering oklahoma
isg engineering oklahoma
isg engineering oklahoma

Infrastructure Solutions Group, LLC

McAlester, OK

Infrastructure Solutions Group, LLC is a civil engineering firm that recently invested in a new marketing brochure, and now needed a redesigned website to match. They chose Choctaw Websites and we immediately got to work, delivering a finished website in less than 30 days.

  • We used the same colors, content, and much of the same photography from the brochure
  • We made optimizations for better search engine placement.
  • We optimized images and site design for fast, responsive loading.

Lindley Stone

McAlester, OK

Lindley Stone is a leading supplier of moss-laden boulders for landscaping use. They needed a website designed specifically for mobile devices whereby contractors could scroll through galleries of boulders and building stone.

  • We created website with minimal design intended to showcase galleries with the ability to scroll through photos.
  • We added emphasis on landscape photos and video that demonstrated use of the company’s boulders and building stone.
  • We included numerous optimizations for online search and maps.
lindley stone oklahoma
lindley stone oklahoma
lindley stone oklahoma
lindley stone oklahoma
freeze and flare heating and air mcalester ok
freeze and flare heating and air mcalester ok
freeze and flare heating and air mcalester ok
freeze and flare heating and air mcalester ok

Freeze and Flare Heat & Air

McAlester, OK

Freeze and Flare is an HVAC service company that wanted to up its game with a professionally-built website that both looked contemporary and performed well on searches. They contacted Choctaw Websites and we got right to work.

  • We made sure to include their “Core Values” statement.
  • We selected photos and logos designed to demonstrate their reliability, qualifications, and commitment to customer service.
  • We wrote copy designed to excite visitors and turn them into customers.
fibercare dallas
fibercare dallas
fibercare dallas
fibercare dallas

FiberCare Dallas

Dallas, TX

FiberCare Dallas relied on a blog for many years to advertise its services, and decided it was time to build a formal business website to properly market itself. They hired Choctaw Websites after having heard about us on social media.

  • We used imagery and text designed to meet visitor expectations immediately so as to maximize calls and conversions.
  • We created a “before and after” section so that visitors could see how effective FiberCare’s cleaning services are.
  • We made sure to maintain all the old URLs from their blog to avoid any “404 errors”.
baldrey and sons remodeling
baldrey and sons remodeling
baldrey and sons remodeling
baldrey and sons remodeling

Baldrey and Sons Construction

Denver, CO

Baldrey and Sons Construction was a fast growing business and decided the time was right to get a website. They wanted to feature their services against the highly competitive Denver, CO market. We got to work right away.

  • We settled on a visual design that made heavy use of imagery.
  • We selected client photos that highlighted their many services and wrote text to match their visitors’ expectations.
  • Both photos and text were optimized for search engines to perform against a highly competitive market.
healthcare matters website
healthcare website design
healthcare website designer
healthcare insurance website

Healthcare Matters

Murrieta, CA

Healthcare Matters is an independent insurance agency that needed a more contemporary-looking website that could also display its health insurance quotes. The agency also wanted a “family friendly” theme to cater to its family-centric clientele.

  • We settled on a visual design that made heavy use of imagery depicting families.
  • We integrated their health insurance quote system using buttons on the homepage.
  • We presented their contact info prominently on every page.
mobile rv repair website
rv repair website
mobile rv repair website developer
mobile rv repair website design

The Boondoctor

Salome, AZ

The Boondoctor is a mobile RV repair service that specializes in off-grid solutions for full-time RVers and boondockers. They wanted a website where they could publish “how to” articles, showcase their projects, and even sell DIY off-grid kits.

  • We created an article archive where they could publish articles and organize them into categories.
  • We created a portfolio where they could showcase client projects they completed.
  • We included an e-commerce store where customers could buy DIY kits for off-grid RV solutions.
artist website design
art gallery website design
art gallery website
art website design


Hilo, HI

Art4Infinity is a collection of paintings created by Renee Hoadley who specializes in geometric art. She wanted a website separate from her Etsy store that would act as her main hub, and then able to link to her Etsy store, or any other store that she might choose to move to.

  • We used a gallery design that displayed her art in large imagery, and would allow her to include a link to an online store.
  • We created a companion website called, “Cosmic Core” where she could write extensively about the principles of Sacred Geometry.
  • We made it easy for her to upload new art to her website, effectively allowing her to manage everything.
rv club website developer
rv club website designs
rv club website store design
rv club website design

ATC Owners

Menifee, CA

ATC Owners is the official owners group for ATC Trailers, an RV manufacturer. The group wanted a website where they could build a membership base, sell branded gear, and organize rallies. We got to work and assembled a website.

  • The website is based on an e-commerce platform where they can list their products for sale.
  • We added an article archive where they can publish announcements of rallies and how-to articles.
  • We included a membership sign-up form that encourages people to join their Facebook Group after they submit the form.
news website development
news website design
news website developer
news website design ideas

Menifee 24/7

Menifee, CA

Menifee 24/7 is a newspaper that serves the City of Menifee, CA. They wanted a website that could better organize their articles into sections, similar to how a newspaper is organized. They also wanted to make their articles look more “newsy” than their old format.

  • We designed a layout that makes their articles look more like news articles than what they had before.
  • We created a system of “sections” where they could set a category and have the website display the article in the appropriate area.
  • We added the ability to subscribe to new articles via e-mail or text message.


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