5 Reasons: Why Hire a Website Designer?

Why hire a website designer as opposed to building a DIY website? Because no DIY website platform teaches you how to build a website effectively. That is, they’re good at making it easy to build a website, but they don’t teach you how to convert visitors into customers. They don’t teach you how to engage with your audience. You know, all the basic principles of design and usability.

why hire a website designer

Why Hire a Website Designer?

DIY website platforms like Wix, SquareSpace, Duda, Jimdo, et al, were created for one thing… to make building websites incredibly easy.

  • However, they do not teach you how to make someone want to stay on your website.
  • They do not teach you how to make someone pick up the phone and call you.
  • They do not teach you how to get someone to buy the stuff in their shopping cart.
  • They do not teach you how to get your website to rank higher than your competitors.
  • They do not teach you how to make your website load fast and efficiently.
  • They do not teach you how to make your website work in tandem with Google Business.

They reason why they don’t do teach you any of these things is because it’s much more complicated than just building a pretty website. These are constantly-evolving subject areas that would require them to release new videos and webinars every month. You’d have to devote at least a full day each week studying the latest trends and participate in forums where professionals like us share our experiences.

It’s kind of like filing your taxes. Yes, technically TurboTax can handle corporate taxes. But are you going to watch their video on how to navigate the complexities of a Schedule K-1, and then feel confident you can represent yourself in an IRS audit? Or are you going to just hire a CPA?

1. Your Website is the First Place People Look

Make sure your website creates a good first impression.

  • It’s a given fact that customers will review two or more of your competitors before deciding which company to choose.
  • If your competition does a better job of making customers feel good, chances are high you’ve lost out on many sales.
  • Why hire a website designer? Because your website may be the first and last time someone will ever look at you.

2. Most DIY Websites are Never Seen

We’ve heard many business owners tell us that the website they built themselves never gets any visitors. They know this because they looked at the analytics offered by their DIY platform (Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, etc).

  • Why pay $200.00 to $500.00 a year if no one can find your website?
  • DIY website platforms can only offer general “how to” videos, and cannot custom tailor layout and content to your business.
  • Why hire a website designer? Because every customer is precious and you don’t want to lose one!

3. It Takes About Three Months to Build a DIY Website

Yikes! Forbes Advisor published an article on August 31, 2022, stating that it takes about 10-14 weeks just to “successfully” launch a website on Wix, Zyro, or GoDaddy. Do you have that much free time?

  • We at Choctaw Websites promise to launch your fully completed website within 30 days or we give you your deposit back. This is because we already know what to do. We just need to learn the specifics about your company.
  • Many business owners spend six months to a year building their DIY website. This is primarily because they are busy serving their customers.
  • Why hire a website designer? Because you need a website fast, and you want it done right.

4. To Get a Website that Looks Unique to Your Business

The biggest knock against DIY websites is that your website ends up looking the same as everyone else’s.

  • This is because DIY website platforms offer a limit number of templates to choose from. Thus, you and 15,458 other business owners have websites that look almost exactly alike.
  • A website designer will build a website around your brand so that it matches your marketing materials, your store front, and reflects your “vision”.
  • Why hire a website designer? Because you want a website that looks unique.

5. Because You Want Your Website to Respond Quickly

DIY website platforms like Wix, SquareSpace, and others like them, store all of their websites on slower servers because they are cheaper to operate. Moreover, their back-end coding is filled with “bloat code” to accommodate DIY building tools. This makes your website run even more slowly.

  • This means DIY websites are sluggish, often taking 15-30 seconds fully load. Imagine your customers having to wait that long each time they click. Now imagine them abandoning your website and going to your competitor.
  • Google has already stated that they will punish slow responding websites by dropping them lower on their search results pages.
  • Why hire a website designer? So that your website will run like a lean, mean, marketing machine.


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