You Can Help Your Ugly Friends

Recently, a follower of ours said she has a friend with an ugly website, and a dead Facebook page, and wanted to know how she could help him…

“Hey Sash! I have a friend who runs a small business that’s struggling. His website is hard to navigate and looks really out-dated, he never uses his Facebook page and he’s been doing that coupon marketing (even though it doesn’t seem to work). Now his business has slowed down and he’s struggling to get by. I really want to help him! How do I convince him that it’s time to update his website, and put more effort into social media?”

Sash: Show Don’t Tell!

Always Refresh Your Website
Updating your website is more affordable than building your website.

Show him what his competitors are doing. Business people love statistics and evidence. Visit his competitor websites and do screen prints of their website. Then, show your friend a side by side comparison of his website and his competitors. Emphasize that if his competitors thought it was important to keep their websites looking contemporary, then so should he.

Show him his competitors’ Facebook pages and emphasize how their numbers correlate to their interaction and postings.

Show him his competitors sales copy. Pay special attention to the wording of their Facebook postings and the wording on their websites. More than likely, they were carefully crafted to grab attention and make connection.

Always Refresh Your Website

A fresh update on a website can instead cost in the hundreds of dollars instead of a new website that would cost thousands. Social media marketing is the same way and will effectively targeting his core clientele. Hiring a copywriter to weave effective catchphrases and sales copy can boost sales leads.

If the old ways of running coupons in the newspaper isn’t working anymore, then try diverting that expenditure towards social media marketing and an updated website.


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